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Electronic cigarette lighter razor

Electronic cigarette lighter razor

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Product name: USB lighter razor combo
Battery capacity: 700mAH
Input current: DC 5V 1A
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Charging cable specifications: Android interface, length 30cm
Use time: 30 days standby time
Product size: 100 * 23 * 23mm
Packing size: 140 * 90 * 36mm
Accessories content: charging cable * 1 knife net + blade * 1 brush * 1

Instructions for use:
1: After the lid of the lighter is opened, the switch will automatically start, the heating wire will work, and it will automatically turn off after 10 seconds.
Touch, beware of burns
2: The dust cover must be removed when using shaving force. It is forbidden to start the shaver without the dust cover
3: Long press the razor switch for 3 seconds to start, then press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off
4: When the power is completely exhausted, it must be charged for more than 10 minutes, the indicator light can be normally displayed normally, and the power is automatically cut off when fully charged.

1: Use a brush to clean the hair and razor heads and nets in the case when cleaning; when it is necessary to clean only the heads and nets
2: Do not put the product in water or fire
3: Do not throw foreign objects into the knife net
4: Keep the product out of children's reach

Interior: exquisite gift box * 1

   Cigarette lighter razor combo * 1
  Android charging cable * 1
  Shaver filter, cutter head * 1

  Beard cleaning brush * 1

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