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1800W 40A 1500W 30A 1200W 20A DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Power Supply Module 10-60V to 12-90V adjustable voltage charger

1800W 40A 1500W 30A 1200W 20A DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Power Supply Module 10-60V to 12-90V adjustable voltage charger

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Product selling point:

1. Using high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed

2. Fan blade heat dissipation is adopted, the heat dissipation effect is very good, and the output power is higher

3. The temperature-controlled fan adopts hydraulic bearing fan, which has achieved a good balance in noise and heat dissipation. When the load is light, the fan does not turn. When the load temperature reaches about 60 degrees, the fan automatically rotates. Can effectively reduce noise and prolong service life

4. The main power tube insulation board is made of high-quality alumina, and the thermal conductivity is 10 times that of ordinary insulation pads

5. Oversized ferrosilicon aluminum magnetic ring, using four 1.2 pure copper enameled wires, low calorific value and high efficiency

6. With constant current function, it can be used for car battery boost, battery charging, etc.


Working characteristics:

Output power: 1800W

Input voltage range: 10V-60V

Output voltage range: 12V-90V

Input current: 40A

Output current: 22A

Conversion efficiency: 48V to 60V 8A (98.1 %)

48V to 72V 8A (98.1%)

48V 84V 8A (97.6%)

Charge Regulation: 10% to 50% charge (72V output)

Temperature coefficient: 50% load

Ripple and Noise: 20MHz bandwidth (48V-72V 4A) 100mVp-p

Switching frequency: VIN = 48V VO = 72V 4A (110khz)

No-load current: VIN = 48V VO = 72V (18mA)

Input reverse protection: yes

Storage humidity: 95%

Operating temperature: -20 65 °C

Storage temperature: -40 125 °C

Operating Temperature Rise: 48V to 60V 5A (45 °C)

Overheating Protection: 60°C

Wiring method: input, output (solderless, terminal block).

Cooling method: strong air cooling

Package list:

Boost Converter*1

Module parameters:

Module name: 1200W boost constant current module

Module nature: non isolated boost module (b0ost)

Input voltage: dc10-60v

Input current: 20A (max) (when the input voltage of fan cooling is 12-24V, the input current can reach 25a)

Static working current: 15mA (when 12V rises to 20V, the higher the output voltage, the higher the static current will increase)

Output voltage: 12-83v continuously adjustable (the default output is adjusted to 19v for shipment, please specify if it needs to be adjusted to other voltage values. If there is a multimeter, the buyer can adjust it by himself)

12-83v fixed output (for batch customers)

Output current: 18A Max more than 10A, please strengthen heat dissipation (related to input and output pressure difference, the larger the pressure difference, the smaller the output current)

Constant current range: 0.5-18A (+/-0.3A)

Input anti reverse connection: Yes (150A power MOS anti reverse)

Low battery protection: Yes (9-50v adjustable)

Temperature control fan: Yes (turn on the fan over 55 °)

Operating temperature: -40~+85 ℃ (please strengthen heat dissipation when the ambient temperature is too high)

Operating frequency: 150kHz

Conversion efficiency: 92%-97% (efficiency is related to input and output voltage, current and voltage difference. Low voltage difference and high efficiency)

Input overcurrent protection: Yes (if the input exceeds 25A, it will be automatically protected and the power supply will not be boosted)

Short circuit protection: with (input 30A fuse) double short circuit protection, it is safer to use.

Input reverse connection protection: Yes (150A power MOS tube is anti reverse. It can be reversed for a long time)

Installation method: 4 3mm copper columns

Wiring mode: wiring terminal (please use high current pure copper wire)

Module size: 130mm long, 52mm wide and 53mm high

Module unit weight: 300g

Output power: = input voltage *20a, for example: input 12v*20a=240w the maximum power at input 12V is 240W

Input voltage *20a e.g. input 24v*20a=480w, i.e. the most active power is 480W when input 24V

Note: the maximum power is 240W when 12V is input, 480W when 24V is input, and 720W when 36V is input

Output voltage / output current regulation / input low battery protection regulation

Voltage regulation: adjust the "v-adj" potentiometer at the output end (marked in the figure below) with a slotted screwdriver when the power is turned on and no-load. Turn it up clockwise and turn it down counterclockwise. Due to the large capacity of the output capacitor, the response will be slow when the output voltage is adjusted from high voltage to low voltage. The adjustment range of Jianyi is smaller. (the default output voltage is adjusted to 19v for shipment.)

Current regulation: adjust the "a-adj" potentiometer counterclockwise for about 30 turns, set the output current to the minimum, connect the LED or current, and adjust the "a-adj" potentiometer clockwise to the current you need. For battery charging, after the battery is discharged, it is connected to the output and adjusted to the current you need. When it is used for charging, it must be adjusted after the battery is discharged (by default, the output power is adjusted to 3A for shipment. Do not adjust the current by short-circuit output. The circuit structure of the boost module cannot be adjusted by short-circuit,

Input low battery protection regulation: low battery protection is mainly used to prevent the battery from over discharging when the input power supply is battery, and the low battery voltage will damage the power module and battery. For example, set the low battery protection of 12V battery. Connect a 10V voltage at the input end of the power module and use a slotted screwdriver to adjust rv1 (increase the protection voltage clockwise and decrease the protection voltage counterclockwise) until the UVLO light is on. At this time, the low battery protection voltage is 10V

detailed list:

1*1200w boost constant current module 20A

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